Games like Aviator for money

Aviator is a unique game, one of the first cash video games in the crash genre, whose appearance created a sensation in online gambling. It is dynamic, exciting, with short rounds, which are quite enough for a powerful adrenaline rush and getting bright emotions. But the sophisticated gamer is always fascinated by variety, so today the demand for analogs of the game Aviator has skyrocketed. Realizing this, leading developers have emphasized on presenting similar products using innovative gameplay.

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Lucky Jet is an analog of the Aviator game

Lucky Jet is a rapidly gaining popularity Aviator-type cash game presented by 1win online casino and belongs to the crashing. It’s made like Aviator, but instead of an airplane, it’s Lucky Joe and his backpack to follow. Bets are also placed before the round starts, and then a multiplier is triggered and you need to be able to collect your winnings before Joe flies away.

The odds at Lucky Jet come in a variety of ways. You can pick up a bet multiplied by 3, or you can wait for increases of 50, 100 or even 200 times. As statistics show, high odds are common. But it’s up to the player to have enough patience and to correctly predict the duration of the round.

Jet X is another Aviator-type game

The next actively gaining popularity game like Aviator is Jet X, presented by Smartsoft Gaming. It is multiplayer, essentially similar to Aviator in that. it also involves following an airplane gaining altitude. The difference is that the takeoff point is tracked, ie. the higher it is – the more the player will win due to the increase of odds. However, if the player fails to withdraw before the plane leaves, he will lose money and lose everything.

The game is exciting, pleases the balance of adrenaline and excitement, as well as special “chips”. For example:

  • There’s a bonus feature that involves a jackpot draw.
  • There is a minimum cashout set with odds of 1.1.
  • The multiplier works up to plus infinity.

Rocket X.

Rocket X is also a variant of the Aviator-like game presented by Slotegrator. It attracts a fast graphical interface, unique functionality, the ability to give the player a lot of bright emotions. In it, the plot centers on the takeoff of a rocket that a young man is trying to hold on to. During each round the bet multiplier works, so you can get the amount multiplied by 100 and even more.

There is customization in this game:

  • Autostraddle.
  • Autopinions.

Both moderate and aggressive strategies can be applied. That said, there is no single guaranteed winner, everything is based on the triggering of a random system, ie. Fortune will decide.

Space XY

Space XY is also a great option for those interested in a similar money game to Aviator. In it, players will have to launch not an airplane, but a rocket. The interface is understated, laconic. Bets are placed on the next round, in which the player has to watch his rocket fly. However, it can suddenly disappear from radar, go off course and explode, and when it does, the stakes are lost. The gamer’s task is to “jump” off the rocket in time, ie. like other games like this, get the money before it explodes.

Cash or Crash.

Cash or Crash although analogous to Aviator, differs in that it is an entire game show and is a live game that is augmented by reality. The plot develops inside a virtual airship with a staircase of 20 steps. The motion along it helps to lift the airship and move it farther and farther away from the Earth. When climbing the ladder green balls light up, each leads to victory and increases the winnings, but as soon as the red one lights up – the player will crash and lose everything.


  • It is possible to increase bets up to 50,000 times.
  • There is also a golden orb that grants extra life.

Drawing conclusions

Aviator and similar games – a great opportunity to relax, rest, get rid of the accumulated negativity for the day. In doing so, each gamer pursues a different meaning:

  • Have fun and satisfy the excitement.
  • Make money.

Which Aviator-type game for money to choose and with what purpose to play – it’s up to you, the main thing is to be able to control yourself and stick to the chosen strategy. A large selection of slots is a great opportunity to diversify the leisure time of even the most sophisticated gamer.